Jollof Rice In Dubai |Live Cooking Class with DubaiNaijaFoodie and TheFoodiesKitchen

Finding Jollof rice in Dubai can be very difficult for non-cooking homes. There are very few options where you can walk in and enjoy your delicious Jollof rice in Dubai. So when we heard that DubaiNaijaFoodie and The Foodies Kitchen, 2 Instagram food influencers were doing a live class for their social media audience and needed Dubai based sensory panelists to give feedback on the flavours and taste of the food, you can guess that we jumped at the opportunity.

Jollof rice is a tomatoes and rice based dish that you will find in a lot of Nigerian homes. There are variations of it in other parts of Africa giving rise to “Ghana Jollof” and “Senegalese Jollof”. The origin is a bit contentious even leading to a funny argument between Senegalese American musician Akon and the Deputy Governor of Lagos, Dr Obafemi Hamzat at the Google for Nigeria event held recently.

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DubaiNaijaFoodie is a Dubai based Nigerian private chef and food influencer, and The Foodies Kitchen is a Nigerian based chef and food influencer, they come from different parts of Nigeria and each bring a twist to cooking Jollof rice.

We arrived for their Jollof rice in Dubai live cooking class right on time and joined in the early preparations before the class began.

The class was live on DubaiNaijaFoodie’s Instagram page with a lot of her followers tuning in to enjoy the class and also win special prizes that were available for active viewers.

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Ingredients for making Jollof Rice In Dubai

With the availability of Nigerian and African markets and vendors in Dubai and on Instagram, the ingredients for making Jollof rice are easy to get.

For the live Jollof rice in Dubai class, here are the ingredients

Jollof Rice and Peppered chicken: Total Preparation time: 55minutes

Rice; Parboiled for 15 minutes

Fresh Tomatoes and pepper: Blended till smooth.

Cameroon Pepper: A special hot pepper available from Cameroon. A close substitute is the Nsukka pepper from Nsukka and area in Eastern Nigeria.

Tomato Satchets: Variant used is LACNOR, a brand available in Dubai. They also recommend using GINO, an italian brand available in Nigeria.

Regular Onions

Spring Onions


Green Pepper

Ginger Garlic




Groundnut oil(Coconut oil can also be used)


Recipe for Jollof Rice In Dubai

Some of the processes happen simultaneously.

  1. Parboil your rice for 20 minutes.
  2. Cook your chicken and spice it with onion curry, thyme, salt and Maggie. You can also add ginger and garlic. Put away some of the stock for use.
  3. Fry your chicken.
  4. Prepare your tomato sauce by frying the blended tomatoes and the tomato satchet using groundnut oil. Add your curry, thyme, garlic and ginger. Also add some of the stock from the chicken.
  5. Put your parboiled rice and mix it with the tomato sauce.
  6. Add your carrot, green pepper and spring onions.
  7. Allow to cook for a little while and then your rice is ready to serve.
  8. Prepare your peppered chicken using the standard peppered chicken recipe.

How does the Jollof Rice and Peppered Chicken taste?

Feedback from some of the sensory panelists aka food tasters

Ifeanyi of NigeriansInDubai: The food was delicious. I have missed pepper and Jollof rice, and I totally loved the special twist that came with this meal. I can eat it for days.

Voilet, a fashion designer and makeup artist: The food was so good! God! I am taking some home with me and I am writing down the ingredients and recipe to make the food.

Martha, a hair stylist: I have been in Dubai for 3 years and haven’t eaten Jollof rice! I am so happy I got to eat this special Jollof rice today, I could taste all the flavours and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Good food and beverages always lead to a party, so we captured some other moments from the Jollof Rice In Dubai live Cooking Class.

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