Renewing Your Nigerian Passport In Dubai| Nigerian Embassy Dubai.

Renewing your Nigerian passport in Dubai doesn’t have to be difficult if you plan effectively. In this post we will tell you all you need to know about renewing your passport in the UAE. 

Renewing Your Nigerian Passport In Dubai| Nigerian Embassy Dubai.

How long does it take to renew your Nigerian passport in the UAE? Days? Weeks? Months? Minutes? Its takes from one day to 2 months. 

Getting a new passport can be difficult for some Nigerians, especially those who need to travel and forgot to renew their travel documents.

A Nigerian friend of ours wanted to renew her Nigerian passport, so we went on an undercover mission to find out the process and ease of renewal

Where is the Nigerian embassy in Dubai? 

The Nigerian consulate is at Jumeirah Lake Towers in Dubai which handles Visa requests, document legalisation, trade information and other enquiries. However, the Nigerian embassy which handles Passport renewals and reissues is in Abu Dhabi. 

The Nigerian embassy in the UAE address is;

432/2 Al Nahyan Street Al Manazir P.O. Box 110171 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

The Nigerian embassy in the UAE phone number is

LOCAL: (02) 4431503

INTERNATIONAL: +97124431503

The Nigerian consulate in the UAE address is;

 Villa 14, 73 B St., Opp. Consulate General of Singapore, Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

The official website for the Nigerian embassy in Abu Dhabi is unavailable. 

The official website of the consulate in Dubai is

The Nigerian Ambassador as at the time of this post is Alhaji Bashir Yuguda. 

The Consul General as at the time of this post is H.E. Abu.S. Mohammed

The Nigerian embassy and consulate in Dubai do not have official social media handles. The UAE Embassy and UAE Consulate in Nigeria have two different twitter handles for information dissemination, thought leadership and record of events. 

Getting to the Nigerian Embassy in Dubai

The 347 miles(558.4 km) Sheikh Zayed Road is the only road to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. It is the longest road in the UAE and stretches from Abu Dhabi and ends in Ras Al Khaimah. 

You can get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai by Coach(Bus), Taxi or by personal transportation. 

The distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is 170 km. Coach(Bus) is the cheapest way to get to Abu Dhabi from Dubai and it will cost you about 15-20 Dhs. You can get an air conditioned Coach from the Bur Dubai bus station to Abu Dhabi regularly. The route is timetabled. You will be dropped off at the central bus station in Abu Dhabi from which you can get a local taxi to the Embassy (which are cheaper than their Dubai counterparts). You can find a coach back to Dubai from the same bus station. It can take you about 1 Hour 40minutes to 2 hours to get to Abu Dhabi by coach. 

A Taxi which you can take from any part of Dubai will cost between 220 to 250 Dhs. Pre booked taxis with different companies will cost you lower, sometimes about 150 Dhs. 

On this journey, we went by personal transportation and it took us about 1 Hour 15 minutes to get to Abu Dhabi. We left early in the morning so the roads were totally free. 

Getting into the Nigerian Embassy In Dubai

We arrived at about 8 am Dubai time and met the Filipino security guards and a few Nigerians who had already arrived. We were informed that entry starts at 9 am but we were given number slips for an orderly process. 

At exactly 9am, we were called and the process of entry began. 

What You Need to Renew Your Nigerian Passport In Dubai

To travel out of Nigeria, you need to have a passport with at least 6 months validity which gives you enough time to return a renew it.

To hasten your application process, you need to fill the online application at

Renewing Your Nigerian Passport In Dubai| Nigerian Embassy Dubai.

You need the following at the Nigerian Embassy In Abu Dhabi

  • Application Letter/Form( You can get it online);
  • Passport Booklet;
  • Photocopy of Data Page of Passport;
  • Acknowledgement Slip and Evidence of Payment

The full process for paying online from the official Nigerian Immigrations website is as follows

  • Visit
  • From the passport menu.
  • Click on fresh/passport renewal tab.
  • Choose “Standard e-passport” from the passport type drop down.
  • Select “Country from processing country drop down e.g. United Arab Emirates.
  • Click “Start application.
  • Fill the form and complete the fields provided with the correct details.
  • Tick “I accept full responsibility for the information provided in this form.
  • The portal takes you to the Innovate1 website where you login with either your gmail,Open ID or Yahoo email address. It generates an application ID and reference Number unique to your application.
  • You are prompted to print the acknowledgment form and “Continue application”.
    • Click continue.
  • Click ”Proceed to online payments”.
  • Please note these are the ONLY authorized payment platform.
  • Select any of these : Innovate1pay, Net post pay, Pay Arena, Teasy, Saana pay.
    • Click Continue.
  • You have an option of card or bank payment.
    • Select proceed to payment.
  • If card option chosen, complete details.
  • If bank; Print slip for further processing at bank where you pay at bank’s POS cash.

Process at the Nigerian Embassy

The security guards who handled entry were Filipinos but at point of entry they were joined by a Nigerian embassy attache. He had the air of an important person and had a frown throughout the process. I have always wondered why Nigerian embassy officials like to frown and have an extra air of importance. It was a welcome change when I had to renew my passport at the Abeokuta office in Nigeria and they were friendly and fast. 

After we were searched, we proceeded to the Embassy building. It was about 2 minutes walk to the beautiful building. 

Entering the hall, we were all seated and then called in an orderly manner to submit our online slips or fill new ones. 

Please do not come to the Nigerian Embassy in Abu Dhabi a week or a few days to your trip, you will be disappointed.

We were told that Passport collection would be after 1 month. The no booklet curse of Lagos is also in Abu Dhabi.

For everyone that filled the form and paid online, the process was easy. Biometrics were completed by 9: 25am. 

There were a total of 3 Nigerians, 2 Filipinos and 1 Indian managing the process.

Total cost for renewing your Passport online is $106 for the 32 page passport and $137 for the 64 pages passport

32 page passport
64 page passport.

The passport was ready in 3weeks, 3days.

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