Dubai Metro: Male Nigerian Tourist Goes to Jail for Groping A Woman.

A 33-year-old Nigerian male tourist has been sentenced to three months in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance for groping a woman at a Dubai Metro station,

Dubai Metro: Male Nigerian Tourist Goes to Jail for Groping A Woman.

Dubai has zero tolerance for a lot of sexual offences with punishment ranging from lengthy prison sentences to hefty fines to registration as a sex offender to finally losing your emirates ID and deportation to your country.

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Prosecutors accused the Nigerian man on a visit visa of sexually harassing the Filipino victim and inappropriately touching her on July 19. A complaint was filed at Naif police station.

According the complainant, a 23-year old sales woman as seen on Gulf News; At 11pm on July 19, she was at Bani Yas Metro Station heading back home from work. “I took the electric stairs from the basement to the ground floor. The defendant was there, one step away from me. He caught me off guard when he suddenly groped me.”

She recounted to the prosecution investigator how the accused ran away when she yelled at him. “I followed him to a hotel in Bani Yas. I waited for him until he walked out of the hotel. He then began screaming at me saying ‘what happened, what happened, why are you following me’?”

The man also asked the complainant whether she had consumed liquor and whether she needed money.

“I told him I did not need any money and I called the police. He fled the scene,” she recalled. When the police arrived, they questioned the hotel receptionist and learned from them that the defendant was a guest there. The accused was apprehended shortly later.

During investigation, the defendant admitted having groped the victim. She identified him among other suspects at the police station.

The defendant can appeal the ruling within 15 days.

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